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Transport options and ticket purchase at a glance


Vienna Airport offers travelers several options to get to the center of Vienna:


1. City Airport Train (CAT):

Fastest option , takes passengers to Wien Mitte station in 16 minutes. A little more expensive , but ideal for travelers in a hurry who value comfort. Tickets for the CAT can be purchased at the airport from the machines or online.

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2. S-Bahn:

The S-Bahn line S7 connects the airport directly with the Wien Mitte station. The journey takes about 25 to 30 minutes . A cheaper option compared to the CAT, but offers a reliable connection to the city center. Tickets for the S-Bahn can be purchased at the airport from the machines or in the S-Bahn stations.

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3. Buses:

Various bus lines connect the airport with different parts of Vienna. Travel times vary depending on traffic and destination. Buses are usually the cheapest option, but they can take longer than the CAT or S-Bahn. Tickets for the buses can be purchased at the airport from the machines, online or directly from the bus driver.

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Use Google Maps to get from one point to another in Vienna.

There is the option to find the best journey-destination connection via Google Maps . Public transport can be clicked directly in the app and this function works particularly well in Vienna. This function is also ideal for finding our starting point of the tour.


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